500 Club

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The 500 Club is unique in that it sees members entered into a draw each week, 52 draws per year, with a chance of winning a top prize of €300 each time, as well as two runner-up prizes of €50 – €100 (depending on membership numbers). Entry to the draw costs €6 per week or €25 per month enter online today, Standing Order option also available.


Harps have committed that all income from the 500 Club will be invested solely towards offering Ollie Horgan and his management team the resources they require to maintain top flight status.

“This is an amazing fundraiser and we need everyone out there who wants to see us kick on in this Division to support it if they can. Getting enough fans to sign up for this will directly affect our ability to attract and retain the kind of players this club needs to compete in the Premier Division that is an absolute certainty”


As a fan-owned club, we belong to the people of Donegal and the Northwest, we have no major investor covering the bills or the shortfall at the end of a season. If the fans want to see success and want us to kick on this year we need people to both join up and help promote 500 club so we can continue to defy the odds and become a fixture in the Premier Division. We are a totally voluntary organisation, which through terrific dedication has punched above its weight and this initiative is the ideal way everyone can come on board and be a part of it.

This fundraiser has long been one of the core sources of income and stability for Finn Harps FC, and now we see it as the ideal vehicle to allow our supporters to back Ollie Horgan and give the North West public a team they can really look forward to watching at Finn Park this season.

Terms & Conditions

The 500 Club will operate as a series of 52 individual draws throughout the calendar year with first prize of €300 per draw, as well as two runners up prizes. Nominal draw date will be the Wednesday of each week, although draws may be grouped and actual draw dates may vary. At least 4 draws will take place per calendar month.

The following payment options shall be made available:

1. Standing Order
€6 per week
€25 per month

2. Online Payment via ClubForce website and Mobile Application (Credit/Debit Card)
€25 per month
€300 annual fee

3. Cash:
Cash payments may be taken at discretion of the organisers and only in increments of €25 to pay for an agreed number of months or €300 for an annual payment. All payments must be received by the deadlines below to cover entry in the applicable number of draws:

Weekly Payments:
Payments received before the Friday preceding the Nominal Draw Date will be entered into that draw. E.g. Payment made on Friday covers entry to the draw nominated for the following Wednesday (note actual draw may take place later in same calendar month).

Monthly Payments:
Payments received in a calendar month will result in entry into all draws (either 4 or 5) in the next calendar month. E.g. payment of €25 received in June will cover entry into all draws held (on each Wednesday) in July.

Annual Payments:
Annual payments received will cover entry into all draws for the 12 months commencing in the month after payment received. E.g. payment of €300 received in June will cover entry into 52 draws from July to the following June inclusive.

The starting prize fund will be €400 for each weekly draw split as follows: Winner €300, 2 x Runners up €50 each. This prize fund will be increased to €500 when entries reach a figure of 200 members. Prize breakdown will be: Winner 300, 2 x Runners up €100 each.

No personal data will be shared. Names of winners will be published to ensure transparency. The current number of members will be published along with the results of the draws. Loyalty Bonus: Existing members of the historic 500 club format, who have been making payments for a minimum of 6 months prior to 31st December 2019, shall have a second free entry to each draw paid for after 1st January 2020 for a period of 12 months.

Full list of winners since the relaunch is here.